Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Live!

You can now pre-order TowerClimb and play the latest Beta! When you buy the game, you should receive an automated email with your login credentials, which you can then use to sign in and download the game. The game comes with a pdf instruction file to help you learn the basics.

For those who pre-order, if you don't receive your email right away (because of an error with the automated system), email me ( , or and I will give you your account in the morning.

Cheers everyone! And I hope you enjoy TowerClimb!

(And yes, the new site is still a bit raw, but I wanted to release the game ASAP.)


  1. Great to see you're still working hard on this; keep it up!

  2. Just wanted to say how amazing the Towerclimb beta is. Totally worth five bucks, man. I've been waiting for this for many months, so totally worth it.

  3. After many hours and many deaths, I did it. Completely stoked. This is a game worthy of every geek's attention, and the climb itself perfectly analogous to the brutal challenge and ecstatic reward of hardcore gaming. This is high-grade, old-school awesomeness, distilled into a singular, literally monolithic adventure. If Towerclimb doesn't get famous, we can pretty much pack it in and call it a day for indie games.

  4. I Get it!!! Fabulous!!!! Finaly I have another chance to die!!!!
    Congratulations from Barcelona (Spain)

  5. Bought it! This game seriously needs more publicity. Also, a forum would be nice.